About Bussink Machinery International

New and refurbished roasters, maintenance and service.
The family business of Bussink Machinery International (BMI) has over 25 years of experience in the coffee roaster industry. Located in the Netherlands, they have been servicing customers throughout the world. Since 2017, they have become a distributor Joper Roasters. “The best technology for coffee industry!”

One man show roasters

BMI offers “one man show roasters” from 1kg up to 15kg, used mostly in coffee bars or among enthusiasts that are just beginning to roast coffee. For the larger capacity customers, they provide roasters from 20kgs up to 360 kgs. They offer the machines new, but also refurbished or rebuilt, as well as the full line of auxiliary equipment, for roasting, transport, storing and packing, of your coffee. For the refurbished machines, they also offer custom designed afterburners, and any other extras that might be needed in order to operate at the highest efficiency. We are all about getting our customers to produce the highest quality coffee possible, and at the same time, doing it consistently.

Joper Roasters

JOPER was established in 1962 by João Rodrigues Pereira that is still the President of the company. In 1990 João Paulo Pinheiro, his grandson, joined JOPER and now is the CEO from JOPER and participates in the various sectors of the company, especially in the development and research of new equipment, projects, technical consulting and international partnerships. Nowadays JOPER is present in more than 47 countries, and has agents in France, Germany, United States, Canada, Australia (NSW), Central America (Venezuela), Philippines and Africa. Since its foundation that our objectives have been to develop and produce equipment for the coffee and food industry.

JOPER is specialized in the supply and installation of units for processing of coffee, from green coffee reception up to its packaging, including storage silos, handling and cleaning of coffee, roasters, ecological systems for exhaust, de-stoners, mills, mixers, conveyors and even computerized systems to control the installation. The technology from our roasters allows them to be supplied fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual, depending on the range and capacity, we have models of small, medium and large production capacity, namely 1, 3, 5, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240, 480 kg per batch.

We also produce sample roasters with a capacity for 100 grams with 1, 2 and 4 drums, conceived primarily for laboratory tests, with the cupping tables and coffee analysers. We have a wide team of engineers and technicians specialized in mechanical production, development and high-tech industrial automation. JOPER customers can choose a standard or custom installation. All equipment produced at JOPER is certified and comply with the strictest international legislations.

JOPER is a reference in terms of efficiency and innovation since 1962 – the best technology at your service.

JOPER is proud to combine the genuine quality of the European Old World with the most recent technology. We symbolise performance, quality and value, giving the client a competitive advantage to your business.
We combine the know-how with the ancient art of roasting coffee, our customers are in good hands and will certainly be a customer for many years.

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